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Autumn Equinox Correspondences

The element Air is blowing in the Autumn Equinox. The wind of change is altering time; the hours of day and night are now of equal length.

Fall is my favorite time of year! Cinnamon Spice + Everything Nice ‼️

With the Sun crossing the equator from the Northern hemisphere to the Southern, I love how the leaves change colors and the winds blow softly .. the feeling of Christmas shopping and football + family are in the air!

Today, I will share some things about this Equinox and ways you can celebrate with your family.


First & Last Day of Season:

Tuesday, September 22 - Monday, December 20

Sabbaths 🎊

Mabon. Sept 22 to Sept 29. "Thanksgiving Break" with an early twist. Major plus for my reasoning of celebration. Lesser Sabbath. Have a feast with your family and give thanks for the good of the year.

Samhain. October 31. Day of the Dead. Time to visit loved ones grave sites to clean + pay respects to ancestors, elders of faith, or any loved one. Greater Sabbath. Great time to go inward and begin shadow work as the nights grow longer than the days.


Libra ( Air Sign - Intellect ) ♎️

Scorpio ( Water Sign - Emotion ) ♏️

Energy ✨:

Abundance, Celebration, Balance, Equality, Goals, Work Ethic, Gratitude, Death, Healing, Love, Preparation, Sharing, Success, Awareness,

Tarot 🎴:

The Empress (life, romance, new opportunity, maternal care), The Hanged Man (sacrafice, breaking old patterns, suspension in time), Wheel of Fortune (change in fortune, poor becoming rich), The World (possibilities, unavoidable change, ending a life cycle)

Foods 🍽 :

Acorn (wisdom + money), Coffee (energy + repelling negativity), Grains (courage + domestication), Apples (fertility + cleansing), Peanut Butter (faith + fruition), Potatoes (happiness + luck), Turnips (self reliance), Onions (memories), Squash (wealth), Warm fruit pies, Apple Cider (detoxification), Pomegranates (power), Red Wines, Pumpkins (prosperity + protection) Oranges ( purification + luck), Maple (releasing + clearing)

Flowers 🌻:

Carnations (love), Chrysanthemum (fidelity), Marigold (creativity), Sunflower (joy)

Colors 🌈:

Dark Red (passion + wisdom), Orange (action + luck), Brown (family + home), Green (Generosity + , Yellow (creativity + optimism) Black, Indigo,

Activities 🌳:

Gratitude lists, take a walk, collect leaves + acorns, pick apples, cook dinner with your children, wash walls + base boards, empty pantries & donate canned goods to local shelters. Clear out clothes from Summer solstice + donate to local shelters. Cord cutting from people and habits that are no longer serving you, Home protection rituals; boil apple slices, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove + orange slices to fill your kitchen with the smell of Fall. Sit pine cones in your bedroom window or under your bed to open your third eye, Spiritual Bath to get to your roots.

Herbs 🌱:

Rose, Sage, Rue, Honeysuckle, Sunflower, Myrrh, Tobacco (healing + purification), Bay Leaf (courage + victory), Benzoin (balance + concentration), Hyssop, Sage, Rosehips, Mugwort, Wild Ginseng, Rosemary, Vanilla (love + energy) , Cinnamon (success + power)

Animals 🐿:

Blackbird, Black cats, Butterfly, Eagle, Goose, Hawk, Owl, Salmon, Squirrel, Wolf, Bats

Crystals 💎:

Aquamarine (balance + harmony), Citrine (appreciation), Clear Quartz (clarity + optimism), Lapis Lazuli (self knowledge) Sapphire, Amber (reassurance + prosperity), Aventurine (Law of Gender Energy), Peridot, Tigers Eye, Yellow Topaz, Carnelian, Black Obsidian, Garnet


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Blessed Be,

Sunny Vee 🧡

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