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PSA - do not intentionally DRAW IN during the E C L I P S E 💌

While manifesting is something we can not necessarily turn off, during an eclipse we want to be protective of our energies & not intentionally manifest during the New Moons and Full Moons Eclipse.

Eclipses are considered to be powerful and transformative events that can bring about change in one’s life .. so .. don’t sit your tools out to absorb these energies either.

This astronomical happening occurs when one celestial body, such as the moon or a planet, moves into the shadow of another celestial body.

There are two types of eclipses: lunar and solar.

Which happens when the moon (lunar) or the sun (solar) aligns perfectly with the ecliptic, the sun’s apparent path through the sky. Lunar eclipses always coincide with a full moon, and solar eclipses always coincide with a new moon.

Eclipses often come in pairs anout four to six occurring back-to-back on the new and full moon phases.

A Lunar Eclipse is basically a Full Moon on 10. Most times this energy leads to high emotion which means we all are going to be feeling A LOT. The best thing you can do is create a lot of space to feel your emotions and see where they are guiding you. Listen to yourself. LOOK at what's happened / happening without attatching a feeling but letting each feel flow.

In the weeks and months following an eclipse, it is not uncommon for people to experience significant life events like job changes, relationship endings or beginnings, and other big switches. Take notes of everything that's happened this year but more particular the month of April.

Astrologically, eclipses are mighty events that can bring unexpected changes and intense growth regardless of your spiritual beliefs. At times it can be catalytic, shocking, disruptive, and even scary more than exciting, inspiring and motivating even tho it can be for your good! so it’s best to not try to draw anything in but be present in what is happening NOW. Surrender, practice the law of detachment, cry, laugh, release….accept & give Thanks.

Things are happening FOR you, not TO you.

Enjoy solitude before you connect with your tribe. Meditate & pay attention to your breath. Put your hand on your heart. Listen to your Self.

You do whatever it takes to stabilize yourself and your energy during this chaotic time & you will come out stronger making your manifestations more powerful when you return to them.

If the energies are not making you feel empowered & motivated, that is perfectly normal. Rest , do your Shadowwork & release so you properly ReSet. The great Shadow Work Book written by Tia Maria, Shadow Work Book Part 1 is linked here that starts with INNER CHILD healing which, is pivotal in becoming emotionally and mentally mature to be able to better handle your finances. Doing this work will help you come out of the eclipse feeling the positives of the transition!

During a solar eclipse, the moon is casting a shadow on the earth to either partially or fully block the sun’s light. So your intentions need to be on your SHADOW so you can clear those things out to make way for the things you will manifest later.

Crystals for the Eclipse: Citrine, Rose Quartz, Selenite, Amazonite & Moonstone.

Best of luck,

Sherica 🤍

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