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Manifest Monday!

In the words of the great Eric Thomas, "THANK GOD IT'S MONDAAYYYYY!"

This powerful Mantra helped me learn to be EXCITED for my week and to feel as though I could conquer everything to come!

Every day has a different vibe, that runs as an under current for 24 hours. Have you ever noticed that each day of the week has a certain “feel” to it?


In prehistoric times, the days of the week were named in accordance to the planets.

In Ancient Greece, it was called Hemera Selenes meaning “Day of the Moon”. In Latin, it was Dies Lunae, also meaning “Day of the Moon”. In Old Norse, the day was called Mánadagr meaning “Day of the Moon”.

Because the Moon asks us to be solid in our feelings and our goals in the coming days of the week, Monday’s are usually a day that 85% of people dread.

It is very easy to feel overwhelmed, if you don’t have a solid routine - the chaos and unpredictability will cause you to hate the “long week ahead”

The solution is simple, KNOW what that “feeling you can’t explainIS!

The Moon is feminine, it is the Yin energy.


Planet: MOON 🌝

Element: Water 💧

Number: 2 & 7

Stones: Pearl, Crystal, Selenite, Labradorite

Zodiac Sign: Cancer ♋️

Zodiac Animal: Tiger 🐅

Color: Silver, Cream, White, Grey

Chakra: Crown 👑

Tarot: Moon. High Priestess. Chariot 🚤

Superstitions: Be sure to wear pearls on whatever Monday you need extra good luck. ——— To receive money on a Monday is very auspicious. It foretells more cash is on its way to you.

Plants: Water Lilly, Chamomile.


In astrology, the moon is connected to emotions.

Mon” is French for “Mine” - so if you can switch your mind to feel as though Monday is MY-DAY , then you will see yourself in total control and Master your week ❗️Get in touch with your feelings, be mindful of your Mood and show compassion to others and yourself. it’s just another Monday.


Sunny 💛

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