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Mornings Matter !

Good Morning Beauty, Its Time To Beast ! << one of my favorite quotes that you may or may not see frequently =)

As always I am sending Love + Light to each of you with prayers that your days are getting better and better!

I know we last talked about the 8 Moon Phases where you learned how each phase can help you build your habits so now I want to give you a habit to start working on this week.

The key to changing your life, is changing your MIND. You must be intentional in every little thing you do & you must learn to control those fickle feelings because the universe responds to the way you FEEL much more than whatever empty "positive" thoughts you are putting out.

How can you make sure you are starting your day on the highest vibration possible??


Now, this routine .. I cant even hold you folks, I have a hard time following it some days .. BUT .. the weeks where I consistently hold this down & push myself.. My days have an amazing flow and after the first week or two, the kids begin to expect this .. order.

Lets Begin !



- Choose a time (BEFORE your kids) you want to wake up every day, set your alarm & when it sounds off.. GET UP! Count down from 5 and when you hit 1, Time To Rise! If you research any Billionaire and their habits, you will see most believe that an early start gives them a head start; Early Bird eating the worm! By choosing to acknowledge your alarm, you are letting your flesh know YOU came to win! When you approach waking up early with a good attitude, you omit the radiation of "I CAN DO THIS". Most people have a hard time waking up with the sun but You are more than a conquer through Jesus Christ & you CAN DO THIS!


- I know how tempting it is to check notifications when you first wake up but do yourself a favor and do not connect with the world -- connect with yourself. Immediately checking IG/SNAP/FB when you rise says thats your main priority. Although that ISNT okay.. realizing this is a bad habit, you can choose to replace it with a new one. Yes, we are all in the age of Internet but this is where we can begin to be INTENTIONAL with every single move we make! Seek to take charge of your day by sliding to Step Three.


- Realize that everyone did not wake up & with the world under spiritual attack, opening your eyes is indeed a gift. When you sit on the edge of your bed..Give thanks for THREE things. Say it OUT LOUD! "Oh give Thanks, Unto the Lord! He is GOOD!" It can be simple or it can be big; just make sure you are FEELING GOOD to set the energy for the day. FEEL: "I Am Blessed!"You attract what you feel so if you are feeling good then you will attract good things. simple as it sounds.


- First thing you should do when you are done beating the clock & youve given thanks for the day.. is drinking water. Its always a great idea to keep a water bottle next to your bed so you can hydrate. After you've slept 6-8 hours, your body IS thirsty.

5. MAMBA The Mirror!

- As you wash your face and brush your teeth, look at You. Most people avoid looking at themselves in the mirror and dont even realize how they are damaging themselves by ignoring themselves. Make it a habit to look yourself straight in the eys and affirm: "I Am _____! I Am Strong. I Am Capable. I Accept Me. I love Me." SMILE at yourself. Nobody is going to love you like you love you.

6. Make Your Bed.

- Every. Single. Day. If you deal with any mental illness that can have you in the bed if triggered, making your bed will help you fight the feeling of fleeing to your sheets. This is a small yet big thing you can do to help you maintain power of yourself. If you catch yourself wanting to hide.. SHOUT .. or whisper .. (just use your vocal cords) : This is the day the Lord has made.

I will rejoice and be happy today!


At step 6, you should be going to wake your children or moving on to get dressed for the day. Either way, take mental, even literal note of how you are feeling in these moments. Remember that life will still happen but it is up to you to maintain focus on all things good.

Review your To-Do list and Slay the Day!

Sending Peace & Motivation,

VeSherica Marie

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