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Speak Life Sunday - Full Moon Affirmations 🌝

Jambo Friends ☀️

Be prepared to let reality humble you as the Sea Goat reveals the ways you have shortened yourself by lack of drive.

( stones : Rose Quarts, Onyx, Malachite, Herkimer Diamond, Sugilite. )

Capricorn governs our public image and career goals. So if you hit the ground running with goals set at the beginning of the year yet haven’t accomplished any of those, the Moon is making you see that you truly have to work towards those goals.

Turbulence towards “WHATS NEXT” will be high so don’t forget to remain CELEBRATORY with all the grounding energy coming from the Capricorn.

The Secret to remain in control.. to produce that which you wish to see .. is to speak as tho it is So.

Here are 15 powerful affirmations to keep yourself focused on your thoughts and energy to manifest the best in every area.


  1. I am a magnet for miracles!

  2. I am taking actions towards my dreams!

  3. I am at peace and everything is falling into place!

  4. I am blessed and unstoppable!

  5. I release all habits that are disempowering.

  6. I am in a joyous intimate relationship with my Spirit.

  7. I manifest everything I desire.

  8. My life is overflowing with opportunities for growth.

  9. This is my Time of dreams coming true.

  10. I have the power to create the life I desire.

  11. God supports me in everything I do; Thank You God for your unlimited supply.

  12. I deserve the best and i only accept the best.

  13. My company’s numbers are increasing daily.

  14. I create space for Inspired Action.

  15. I accept my greatness with all that I Am!


Its okay if you don’t recite all, just pick what aligns with your goals or line of focus .. & remember to SPEAK OUT in CONFIDENCE when you are affirming 👑

Shalom ,

Sunny ✌🏽

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2 comentários

20 de jul. de 2020

Have you ever written affirmations and sat them around your home?


I love this idea 💚✨

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