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Hello World!!

I had been wondering, "where do i start!?" so, ill start with the basics!

Im Sherica Marie. Age 30 & i love to laugh, sing & shop. (guilty of walking into target for nothing and leaving with something .. EVERY SINGLE TIME.)

I first hand know how it feels trying to juggle the different day to day things & at one point i felt like i kept dropping the ball... with a smile. I was performing and i knew i had to check my Virgo ascendant right then and there.

It was past time to get REAL with MYSELF because the ole' "fake it til you make it" was depriving me of true life!

One day i just.. woke up.. and began to take charge of my life and be accountable for my actions. i began to ask questions : Why am I here? Why did I suffer? Why did I make such horrible decisions? How could I fix it!?

Eventually I had to say, "Okay God.. I give everything I am and everything I have to you.. save me." I rededicated my life to Christ and expected things to immediately change & when they didnt...I began to look at myself. & nothing was the same.

Like most of you, i have a traumatizing story and have faced obstacles of mental health & different forms of abuse .. yet, HERE I STAND -- For God did not give me a spirit of fear!

I am here to share my story of victory with hopes of providing guidance to help you all take charge of your lives and LOVE the life you live by facing the things holding you stagnant so you can pour into your relationship with God, your children, your spouse, your family, your friends and most importantly, yourself!

This blog is to help other people; mothers, fathers and all young men and women alike, to take control of their lives and be victorious!

Im a mother of four so most of my time is spent feeding into my children. At one point i suffered from depression and my life was spirialing out of control while i watched inside myself... i had fallen into a deep deep.. auto-pilot. I made sure my kids were okay but I had completely forgotten to live while trying to survive.

I was not where I "wanted" to be, certainly not where i NEEDED to be & in THAT moment I decided to take full responsibility for myself and change the way i thought, spoke & behaved.

Day in and day out! I am reconstructing my entire being with faith knowing I will become who God says I Am.

I was thinking the "spiritual awakening" would be this amazing tv series where I end up a millionaire and my problems disappear. haha. I had to humble myself.

By keeping God close & practicing the His law of attraction through the Universe, I have begun to manifest the life of my dreams in just one year.

I have freed myself from childhood memories, other peoples opinions and the desire to save other people and I became the "hero" I needed.

I am so excited to see where God takes me next and its my hearts desire to help other people grow in their faith in God and themselves.

If you are wanting to look deeper into your SELF and begin a journey of self discovery through self empowerment, then please join me, friends, and through the cycles of the seasons and the stars, i will help you take your faith and your life to an entirely new level!

Through out the blog I will teach you how to take accountability for yourself and i will share secrets on how to create the life you want through a new way of thinking!

You will be hearing from me soon :)

Shalom, Sunny!

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Jun 11, 2021

Hi Sunny

Love this. Thank you for opening up and sharing some things about you. Im definitely ready to learn who I . Let the journey begin 🥰


Unknown member
Apr 15, 2020



Apr 05, 2020

Hi Sunny! Great read! Super excited to see/hear all the things God will share with the world through you! Waiting anxiously! (in a good way) 😉

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