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Water Works!

Good Morning ☀️

I wanted to share a piece of my morning routine with you all with hopes it will help you with the Health aspect of your dailt routine.

Water has memory & adapts to words surrounding it.

Positivity raises the water vibrations and absorbs the energies thus enhancing the energy entering your body when you drink it! Youtube Dr.Emoto Water Experiment!


Red Ink emits a vibration that causes action to take placezz Red is most visible color to the human eye which makes it one of the strongest colors in the physical realm & its the last color to rest in the spiritual relm. #strength #courage #creativity #power

#lemon is #cleansing and brings #abundance because when life gives you lemons, gotta sip da lemonade! Which gives you #wisdom

#mint brings mental protection and clarity thus giving more personal strength!

Affirmations for your day:

  1. I love who i am.

  2. Despite how i feel, I understand feelings and situations are temporary; i am patient.

  3. I am in control.

  4. Everyone i am meant to impact, is crossing my path today.

  5. I am a light to all who need one.

  6. My day will be smooth.

  7. I understand that life has phases & i am present in every moment.

  8. I enjoy parenthood; my kids bring me joy!

  9. I am safe to express myself & i do so freely without harm to others.

  10. I feel blessed to be Here.

With these affirmations, keep certain scriptures in mind: Isaiah 40:31, Isaiah 55:12, Proverbs 18:21, Ephesians 4:19, Colossians 4:6, James 1:26, provebs 18:4


  1. Choose your affirmations/manifestations

  2. Hold the cup between your hands for 10 seconds to charge the water.

  3. Write your words around the bottle or cup.

  4. Believe & you shall receive.

Good Luck 💙

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