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Tantra Vidya.


If you're not sure what a CHAKRA is or if you've never heard the term before; the word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk. Visualize wheels of power connected to you on every level - mentally, emotionally and physically.

Most of you are familiar with the widely-agreed upon chakras but beyond those seven, two additional chakras are needed to anchor the flow of energy down into the Earth and up into Spirit. Allow me to introduce you to the Chakra System.


9. Vasundhara - Earth Star Chakra

The exact location is unsure, some argue it is 6 to 36 inches below the feet .. For me, I planted my bare feet into the dirt and was able to feel (as you will also do) where mine is and i believe everyone's may not be the exact same. Either way, there is a spinning wheel of light that connects you to Mother Earth. It is apart of your etheric body. This chakra GROUNDS you so think of literally being connected to Gods great creation planet Earth. Vasundhara is the base of your entire chakra system + etheric body. When fully balanced,you will possess the ability to maintain finances and stay healthy by eating more of whats from the earth.

8. Muladhara - Root Chakra

This chakra is located at the coccyx, top three vertebrae at the base of the spine and often considered the starting point of our development. Your instincts reside here. Fight or Flight? When the Muladhara is balanced, energy can flow freely .. increasing our sense of belonging and self worth; Clear thinking and the ability to set goals. Our basic needs for survival and our motivation to have the finer things or feel less than worthy, are all here. The energy of the muladhara is courageous and gives us resilience with the will to live during trying times.

7. Swadhisthana - Sacral Chakra

The Swadhisthana is where your sexual and creative energy flow from. Masculine + Feminine energy form in the sacral chakra and is very close to the reproductive system. Yin & Yang. (I'm sure you've heard of the Kundalini Awakening) The gift of this is experiencing our lives with pure passion + pleasure. A person who's swadhisthana is flowing is passionate, present in their body, sensual, creative and connected to her feelings.

6. Manipura - Solar Plexus Chakra

Here in your navel area, you will find your ego. The manipura seeks enjoyment through perception of who you are. You can sense your power + feel confident to alkalize your inertia into action & fruitful results. When balanced, you will be proactive vs reactive vs inactive and make conscious choices to be intentional with your life.

5. Anahata - Heart Chakra

Anahata moves love through your life. Your deepest bonds with others along with your compassion, feelings of self-love, respect and kindness come from this vortex. This is your healing center. Learning self-love is a powerful initiative to undertake in order to secure and maintain a healthy heart chakra. The energy of the anahata allows us to see we are interconnected with something much larger than "life". This chakra must stay balanced for the energy to flow through the chakra system.

4. Vishuddha - Throat Chakra

Located in the neck between the shoulders, the vishuddha's gift is accepting your originality to express your authentic voice to speak your truth. The energy from here allows you to seek true knowledge, beyond our cultural conditions or family beliefs. When balanced, one can openly & honestly express themselves without hurting others but remaining firm in their truth.

3. Ajna - Third Eye Chakra

The pituitary gland is the link between the inner world and the outer world. The way of the ajna is to see through illusions and access deeper truths. Here you will get your "reality check" by self examination of self-limiting ideas; You leave the seat of wisdom to sit in the chair of conscience. Clairvoyance is a gift from the ajna. You see + understand when this vortex is flowing properly.

2. Sahasrara - Crown Chakra

The sahasrara is in the pineal gland. The Hopi call this energy center kopavi (open door) through which higher spiritual knowledge is received; Sahasrara can be considered the bottomless well from the spiritual realm. This is driven by consciousness + transcendence of our limitations.

1. Vyapini - Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star is associated with awakening to spiritual truths and connecting to the Christ mind or "higher self". The vyapini is never blocked; the trick is not to unblock or balance but to access this and make the most of that energy. There's an overriding goal in all of this work: to realize you're a soul with a body rather than a body with a soul. Your purpose, why your soul was sent to your body, is revealed in this vortex.


Meditation, visualization and crystals are a great way to begin to balance your chakra system and bring forth the best version of yourself.

Now, I am very well aware that this reading may have left you with more questions but I pinky promise to go more in depth SPIRITUALITY 104:

Hope you enjoyed .


VeSherica Marie.

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