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"To the moon and back." - G4

Hello Friends! I pray that each of you reading this is starting to see the bright side and using this time to expand and grow with "everything that's going on."

Tonight, there is a Libran SUPER ("PINK") FULL MOON - which means the Moon is on its 5th phase, illuminating at 100% and by it being SUPER, that tells you the moon is SUPER CLOSE!

Hmm.. I guess no one informed the Man on the Moon about the Social Distancing.. HA!

Quick & Random facts for ya:

1. The "PINK" Moon of April is not actually pink. The name comes from the Ground Phlox, which is a pink flower common in North America.

2.Tonight, the moon is ONLY 222 (check out those angelic numbers!) MILES AWAY FROM EARTH!

3. The Moon's gravitational pull generates the tidal force, causing the waters of the earth to bulge, creating High Tides.

4. The human body is made up of 60% WATER!

5. The moon controls our emotions and moods depending on which phase its in!

* The 5th is an "unproven" fact but keep reading and we'll learn more about the phases =)

So, the phases of the moon are as follows; New Moon, Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Crescent, Last Quarter, Waning Gibbous.

Each phase of the moon comes with its own energies.

Phase One: New Moon. Day 1- 3.5

This a the perfect time for creating New beginnings. This opening phase is the time to set your standard of living higher by being intentional about your thoughts and habits. Consider this a blank page or empty canvas and you have the brush to paint the reality you dream. Start planning. Whatever "crazy dream" you have or "fantasy life" you wish to have.. it can all be yours. During the New Moon, be BOLD with your faith and ask God to put His vision and Will into your heart. According to Ephesians 3:20, God will do more for us than we can even imagine. This phase lasts 3 days. Affirm daily, " I am exactly where I need to be & God will guide me through this journey. Thank You for clarity." Use this time to set goals for the 30 day moon cycle. Ask yourself, WHAT do i WANT!?

Phase Two: Waxing Crescent. Day 4 - 7

Okay so you've made a couple of goals or thought of something you want from life. Now, its time to be intentional. This phase is about fresh energy & focusing on details! If you want to make a daily schedule then add in some fine print! You will wake up at 6am and do .. what?? (Give Thanks, drink lemon water, wash teeth & brush face... DETAILS!) If you're wanting to go back to school or get a promotion at work or start that group on facebook or WHATEVER it is.. WHAT are the fine details that need to be added in to get you where you need to be? THAT is the energy of the Waxing Crescent. Ask yourself, HOW can i GET what I want?! Matthew 7:7-8 says to ASK and you will receive. Be consistent in your start and you will receive your desired results. Declare: "I am bathing in the river of courage and strength!" Be strict with yourself and take yourself seriosuly in these 4 days of this phase.

Phase Three: First Quarter. Day 8 - 11

ANDDDD ACTION! On this third phase, we are now a week into the Moon Cycle. Your intentions are set, your mind is made.. Now its time to put the talk to the walk. Go hard for yourself and although you may have faced small challenges such as staying on the course. THAT IS OKAY! This phase will help you be committed to you. Be mindful about accidental mistakes and intentional mistakes. Push yourself to do the right thing, again, for YOU! The first quarter is all about paying attention and working hard. Gods word says if we dont work, we dont eat. ( 2 Thessalonians ) & idk about you all but i HATE being Hungry. Hangry is not the adjective. haha. To get your bread, you must work hard in these 4 days in every area. SAY: "I work hard and all things come to me easily!"

Phase Four: Waxing Gibbous. Day 12 - 14

After all of your hard work, now is the time to see if there is anything that can be edited or revised in your plans. Tweak the details to set yourself up for success! Be patient with yourself in these 3 days; Rest and NURTURE YOUR LIFE. Be aware that you are only human and TIME takes .. TIME. Decide what has and has not worked in this cycle. Adjust the plan and move forward. this is one of the shorter days so it is indeed a few "rest" days because the next phase is all high energy! Affirm: "God made me in His image!"

Phase Five: Full Moon. Day 15 - 17

The strongest and most powerful phase. (also the more popular) The full moon brings high energies of joy & gratitude. This is the "peak" of the Moon cycle and you should be celebrating where you are on your goal. A known saying is, "I may not be where I want to be, but thank God i'm not where I use to be" and that saying definitely goes with this phase. Give yourself credit for all of the work you have done and be glad for how far you have come. Your words have power, speak over yourself: " I am able to do all things! " (Phil. 4:13) Send out vibrations of love & success and that is exactly the heightened energy you will receive.

Phase Six: Waning Gibbous. Day 18 - 21

Since you have rested, realize the moon cycle is slowly but surely ending. Use these 3 days to give yourself some constructive criticism or if you have shared your personal goals with a partner, have them give you some insight on what can be better done or general feedback. Keep your thoughts positive and know that it is a good thing to look at yourself and see how you can improve; This phase is also a great time to NURTURE OTHER PEOPLE. (Proverbs 27:17) You will find it is pleasing to the soul to serve others.

Phase Seven: Last Quarter. Day 21 - 24

FORGIVENESS! FORGIVENESS! FORGIVENESS! This particular phase deals with forgiveness in every area but mainly with self. In these three days, work on releasing all things that do not serve you & know that whatever happened before today.. is OKAY. It is gone, it is a new day and you must forgive to grow forward. Speak: "I forgive those who have harmed me in the past & i peacefully detach."

Phase Eight: Waning Crescent. Day 25 - 29

GRATITUDE! Give thanks for all that you accomplished this Moon -- Surrender, Rest, Reflect, Restore. You are coming to the end of the moon cycles and honestly, when you take the moon literally day by day.. it can be draining! To feel tired or like you need personal time is normal! Use these 4 to 5 days to go over the last 28 days and see what you can do better the next cycle! Focus on meditating and getting to know YOU better.


WHEW! What a mouth full!

None the less, there you have the SHORT version of the moon cycles and a summary of their energies.

If you are wanting something more in depth, please join my webpage ot sign up for the emails where you will have access to all things, a lot deeper.

Peace, Love and a Good Night.

- Sunny Vee.

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