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Spiritual Bath Ingredients

Shalom !

Fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness + self-control & some fruits for your spirits are listed below🌴

Spiritual Bath Ingredients + Candle Color Meaning + Powerful Crystals Meanings



digestive health, anti-inflammatory, restoration, wound healing, benevolent protection, promotes peaceful sleep ✏️


dispel energy, ward off evil eye, positive energy, creates space for good luck + fortune ✏️


divine favor, approval, self control ✏️


urinary tract health, arthritis, ease menopause, good fortune, money magick *do not soak in or digest if you have hormone sensitive cancers such as breast, prostate, cervical or uterine cancers* ✏️


healing, protection, eases grief, removes bitterness, attracts affection ✏️


healing of the body, mind and soul; encourages peaceful sleep, brings focus, success ✏️


menstrual cramping, warding/banishing, gastrointestinal disorders, anti-viral, reduces anxiety, summoning strength, inspiration ✏️


love, wisdom, immortality, clarity in significant relationships ✏️


vital energy (helps with fatigue), clears upper respiratory infections; help with fibromyalgia symptoms, shielding energy, increases mental clarity ✏️


new opportunities, optimism, pride, bringing forth fears to be removed ✏️

📌Avocado Pit:

enhance memory, love, health, beauty, transformation ✏️


purification, eternal life, protection, love, moisturize hair when soaked in with conditioner ✏️

📌Banana Peel:

increase libido, significant change, humility, savings (finances), fertility ✏️

📌Bay Leaf:

abundance, prosperity, manifestation, clearing/releasing, increasing claircognizance, rewards ✏️


connection to the animal kingdom, connect to ancestors, strengthening kundalani flow, courage + smudging ✏️

📌Birch Bark:

new beginnings, mental protection, strength, regeneration, hope for what is to come ✏️

📌Black candle:

fight evil, absorb + remove negative energy, self control, enhance inner strength, healing, endings, cord cuttings, contains both masculine + feminine energy ✏️


balancing throat chakra, anti-oxident, faerie fruit ✏️

📌Blessed Thistle:

healing, protection, fights against loss of appetite, treats colds, coughs, fevers + bacterial infections ✏️


detoxification, purification, grounding energy, justice, balance heart chakra, good health + long life ✏️

📌Blue candle:

protection, obtaining truth, wisdom, harmony, forgiveness, prophetic dreaming, serenity; use if you are feeling anxious, indecisive, scatterbrained, or depressed✏️


faith, compassion, blessings, anti inflammatory, optimism, youthfulness, security in solitude ✏️

📌Blue Jasper:

shields against curses, scrying tool, discernment, blocks danger ✏️

📌Brown candle:

grounding energy, wealth, longevity, rebirth, eliminates indecisiveness, clear thinking, house work, balance, earth star chakra, attract money, making amends for wrong doing ✏️


antifungal, memory, anti inflammatory, divination, sooths eczema, hydrates + nourishes skin, sacred affection, honoring the dead, collagen production, baby safe ✏️


attract love, relaxation ✏️


purification, passion, quick success, shielding, clairvoyance, psychic awareness, money, love, charges tarot cards + divination tools — steep in olive oil for massages to enhance bedroom magick ;)✏️

📌Cinquefoil (Five Finger Grass): dreamwork, protection, divination, venus energy, health, money, love, power + wisdom✏️


cheerfulness, love with no attatchments, feminine energy, procreation, fresh starts, acceptance, innocense, appreciation✏️


transition, inner reflection, encourages one to dream big, awareness, taking stock of what we have while eliminating anything not serving you, humbleness✏️


mental vitality, opportunity, abundance, financial luck, karmic return✏️


healing coughs, divination, vision, moistens lungs when ingested, inner healing, heart health, relieves tension✏️


strength, saturn/neptune/moon energy, if you infuse oil with this plant, it will relieve muscle spasms✏️

📌Dalmation Stone:

playfulness, positive energy, lightheartedness, breaks self created barriers, dissipates need for vengence, release lack of trust, spiritual grounding, true purpose✏️


psychic awareness, aphrodisiac, treats anxiety, bladder + urinary health *pregnant or nursing mothers should not ingest or soak in this herb✏️


healing, releasing emotional pain,survival, wishes, expecting the unexpected, humblness, travelers tea, throat chakra alignment, faithfulness✏️


abundance, wealth, respect, cure all fruit, protection from hexes✏️

📌Devils Claw:

relieves all ailments dealing with bone + joint pain, banishing, ainti inflammatory, hypertension, confounding enemies, protective energy✏️

📌Desert Rose Selenite:

grounding, balance, charge and cleanse other crystals, rejuvenation, realign the chakra system, enhances other crystals energy✏️


luck, protection from nightmares + any other troubles with sleep, preservation✏️


anti viral, remove hexes, induce vivid dreams, throat and root chakra, joint + muscle pain relief, reduce headache pain, blessings, access to faerie lands, bridge between physical + spiritual worlds, zealous energy✏️


awakening, break through, strength, cleansing✏️


inspiration, awakens collective memory, enlightenment, release attatchments, flexibility, new beginnings in relationships✏️


protection, strength, healing✏️


protection from evil, success, attract money, fight nightmares, inspire romance, heals stomach ailments, personal power✏️

📌Green Candle:

nature, rejuvenation, financial success, cooperation, generosity, growth, self love, activates heart chakra, communication, use when you feel lost or want to regain control✏️


grounding, calming, power, clears brain clutter, energizing, creativity, healing emotional pain, relieves spinal problems✏️

📌Herkimer Diamond:

clears chakras, conscious attunement, activates and opens Crown and Third eye chakra, relieve tension, clears unconcious fears, atral travel, lucid dreaming, new energy, expansion of life✏️


wealth, perfection, hospitality, respect, blood purifier, health, inspiration, independece, confidence✏️


prosperity, immortality, luck, joy, unity, family, business success, settling (comfort), happiness✏️


attunement, spiritual consciousness, wisdom, opens the mind to receive, reduces anxiety, tensions + stress, emotional expression, calm communication, removes selfishness, rude behavior + greed✏️

📌Irish Sea Moss:

anti microbial, good for psoriasis, detoxification, mood balancer, weight management, healthy hair, skin + organs✏️


purification, protects the heart, luck, dream stone, ritualistic knowledge, balance, harmony in work relationships, nobility, releases negativity, soothes the mind, problem solving✏️


Earth element energy, teaches to appreciate moments of isolation, stability, empowerment, deep strength, shamanic energy, helpful journaling, increases life force, communication✏️


beauty, modesty, purity, love, appreciation, marriage, motherhood✏️

📌Juniper Berry / Leaf:

creating boundaries, smudging, standing your ground, "claiming" space✏️

📌Kyanite (blue + black):

creates pathways where there was none, transition, aligns chakra system,tranquility, does not accumulate or retain negative energy, loyalty, self expression, helps those who have lost their way, stops self destruction, helps walk different paths of the mind, access forgotten childhood memories, helps increase a child popularity who are deemed "different", good communication, focus, calm during hectic situations✏️


peace, rest, reduces stress, treats insomnia, promtes sleep, treats skin diseases ✏️

📌Lavender candle:

tranquility, intuition, introspection, inner healing, calmness, spiritual growth,compassion,heart chakra,throat chakra + third eye chakra✏️

📌Lapis Lazuli:

courage, strength, wisdom, intellect, truth/purpose, throat/third eye chakra, inner power, self confidence, manifestion, releases stress, creativity, clairity, blood purifier, tightens relationships, water energy, shields against psychic attacks, lowers blood pressure, encourages honesty✏️

📌Lemon Peel:

happiness, detoxification, optimism, good fortune, light, love, embracing changes, when drank in water it removes negative emotions, dispels evil, cut into 4 slices + place in 4 directions of the home to cleanse✏️

📌Licorice Root:

domination, passion, power,binding spells, anti inflammatory, persuasion✏️


Eases Grief, protection, calming, joy, beauty, improve appetite, lowers stress levels, improves respiratory health, strengthens nervous system, creates peaceful atmosphere for sleep, love, repels demonic forces✏️


mothering energy, obedience, blessings, life, abundance✏️


refreshment, wisdom, virtue✏️


intelligence, love, wisdom, immortality, anelic energy, spiritual gifts, sex magick, money spells, good luck✏️


scrying, lucid dreams, psychic awareness, nerve calming, vision, tranquility✏️


protection, create boundaries, refuel new ideas, Mars energy, relieves symptoms of gout✏️


repairs torn aura field, smooths transitions, assist in major changes✏️

📌Orange candle:

mental agility, stamina, career success, assertiveness, sexual attraction, friendship, changing luck, encouragement, creativity, pride, courage,abundance✏️


balance, mood harmonizing, anti inflammatory, strengthens liver, manifestation, Saturn energy, courage, sexual power, prosperity, banishing evil, protection, prosperity, love + lust✏️


mental clarity, rejuvenation, healing, love, spinal tension relief, activates solar plexus, energy of Mercury, uplifting, encourages acceptance + trust✏️


selflessness, tenderness, removing bad habits,feminine energy, wishes, satisfaction, peace at work, immortality, longevity, grounding, oneness, good health, completion✏️


separation, love, replacing chaos with divine order, acceptance of joining + separating, reminds us to appreciate what we have, new perspective✏️


persistence, peace, eternity, marital happiness, stops self destruction, longevity, ward off evil spirits, Earth energy✏️

📌Pink Candle:

romance, forgiveness, honor, harmony, raises vibrations, spiritual healing, self love, endurance, femininity, nurturing, venus energy, domestication + easing tense atmospheres✏️

📌Purple candle:

open third eye, financial affairs, remove curses, power, spiritual awakening, business sovereignty, ancient wisdom, reduce insomnia,cosmic awareness + royalty✏️


deflects negative energy, will power, protection,mental stability, logic, access etheric body healing, center relationships, activates gift of channeling, attracts wealth, intelligence, memory enhancement, treats lung disorders✏️


welcoming energy, self assurance, hospitality, ruled by fire and sun energy, power, charm, courage, increases confidence, aphrodisiac, strengthen third eye, goal achievement, companionship✏️


passion, age reversal, skin toner, self actualization, protective energies, patience, kindness, spiritual insight✏️

📌Red candle:

fire energy, passion, ambition, courage, determination, transformation✏️

📌Rose Petals:

gratitude, love, friendship, grace, admiration, joy, passion, intercession, Gods work, wisdom, miracles, energy of the angels, victories✏️

📌Rose Quartz:

balance heart chakra, awakening, feminine energy, dissolving emotional wounds, contentment, strengthening bongs, spiritual attunement, placing next to baby bottle eases colic + feeding difficulties, restores trust, placed in work space will evade intrusion + gossip✏️


masculine energy, flourishes in a garden of a dominant woman, protection. cleansing, smudging energy, virtue✏️


hex breaking, warding the evil eye *do not come in contact with if your are pregnant✏️


connecting physical chakras to etheric chakras, honesty with self, peace, calming, obsolves negative energy, amplifies magick, cleanse + charge other stones✏️

📌Spotted Lepidolite:

transition, emotional balance, eliminating old patterns, Third Eye activation, access Akashic Records, the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow✏️


confidence, clear paths, hope, feminine energy, energizing, eases digestive discomfort, grace, master healer, magnification, divinity✏️


simplicity, growth, compromise, awareness of self, responsibility, health, strength✏️

📌Star Anise:

dreamwork, moon energy, protection, luck, success, Jupiter energy, psychic awareness *not safe for babies✏️


success, dignity, preparation, detoxifing, mental clairity, healing, abundance, Venus energy, Water element✏️


pride, pure thoughts, happiness, luck, unconditional love,high energy, longevity, mood enhancer, enlightenment, inspiration, faith, power + authority✏️

📌Tigers Eye:

soothes anxiety, resilience, release fears, take action energy, balance, courage, discernment, understanding, unclouds judgement, self confidence, brain stimulating✏️


relieves melancholy, Air energy, burn to banish evil spirits, bravery, courage, strength✏️


endurance, emotionality, sexual energy, blood purifier, humbleness, vitality, good health✏️

📌Valerian Root:

treats insomnia, transmuting negativity,warding (guarding/protecting), eases muscle aches, relaxation✏️


Second sight, headache treatment, urinary tract health, treats anxiety, removes kidney stones, promotes colon health✏️


menstrual pain relief, tones vericose veins, increases appetite, skin health✏️

📌Yellow candle:

inspiration, mental power, endurance, logic, eases mood swings, goal achievement, ambition, clairity, astral travel, honest communication, confidence, + gives power to the solar plexus✏️

📌White candle:

unity, repels negative energy, peace, healing, meditation aid, can substitute for any color candle, relieves tension, represents wholeness✏️


Pinterest has a plethora of recipes for spiritual baths from the listed if you want one already set or you can customize your bath ✨

— Blessed Be Friends,

Sunny 🖤

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Friend this took me 2 whole moons to make 😂 I am so glad it helped you!


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Shakendra Kajava

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