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Thought Full Thursday - Vision Board Affirmations.

Good Evening Family & Friends 🌘

Sending joy, peace and patience from my heart to yours ✨

I am feeling super happy, super blessed & super GRATEFUL today; so I just wanted to share— God has truly been working in my life, not even in just this moment but .. my entire existence ❗️

Earlier, I was cleaning my spiritual bag out (my journals, books, drawings, etc) when I noticed one of my folders was officially torn apart! This particular folder, I got from my stay in an asylum in 2016.

Obviously, I felt attachment to the folder because of where it came from and all the things I had been storing INSIDE it over the years. There was no way I could just .. trash .. this folder that had helped me hold my dreams .. my hopes.. my BUSINESS PLANS .. My Life .. the vision God gave me even when I didn’t have faith in myself.. together. 😅

In, my spirit I felt “Level Complete.”

* Side note: During this Piscean Waning Gibbous, the energy for better communication, revelation and completion is at a High. You begin to see fruit you planted and give yourself some constructive criticism. I am most certain these were the vibes in that moment. I gave myself some fresh ideas but overall, I felt satisfied & proud. *

Sooooo .. To celebrate my Victories, I took my baggie of magazine clips I had put together on different sittings & decided to make a mini Vision Board since I had been saying I was going to .. now or never right 😼

Below is my creation along with simple instructions on how to create your own vision board 📝


  • Scissors

  • Glue Stick

  • Blank Surface

  • Magazines ( I would suggest having a minimum of four magazines to one person )


📌 Create a space for yourself to be able to relax and free your mind from anything. Set the vibes on Creative Chill.

📌 Cut pictures + words from each magazine. Choose the words that pop out to you & the picture of things you want to see in the physical. Be Intentional.

📌 Visualize + FEEL as though you HAVE these things right now. Get Excited. (remember to always speak as it is already existing, not on the way.)

📌 After you have everything you want cut out, begin to glue the pieces onto your board. You will feel how to paste them. The energy will flow & imagine yourself putting these things into your life.


& there you have it! A quick + simple HOW TO on vision boards & a quick personal peek into my World.


Sunny 🖤

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Katharina Morgan
Katharina Morgan
Nov 15, 2022

Love doing these with friends ❤️


Aug 31, 2020

Finally made my first board in years. It feels good doing things in Gods timing and not to force a result. Peace to you young woman!

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